We are a group of patent attorneys who have expertise in technologies and are devoted in helping our clients navigate the complex world of patent law.  We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our work, and our attention toward our clients.


We Have Expertise In Technology and Law

Our professionals hold doctor’s degrees from prestigious universities.  Our expertise in both technology and law greatly helps us appreciate our clients’ inventions and protect our clients’ interest.

We Are Candid And Honest With Our Clients

Each matter starts with a clear cost estimate in good faith, and our experienced professionals handle it with care.

We Give Our Clients Full Attention

We respect and appreciate our clients.  No matter how big or how small a client matter is, we pay full personal attention to it and deliver high-quality work products, on time and on budget.

Our Fees Are Competitive

We cut costs that do not contribute to our clients’ interest, without sacrificing the quality of our work products. The savings are passed to our clients.